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Our school campus is located near the Green-Grass Lake, one of the Hsinchu's most famous scenic spots in southern suburban area. With a land of more than 20 hectares, the school is surrounded by naturally beautiful hills. In addition, we also communicate, cooperate, and share teaching and research resources with our neighboring schools and research institutes such as Chiao Tung University, Ching Hua University, Hsinchu Normal College, and Industrial Technology Research Institute. This offers special support to the academic environment of our school.

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CHU campus map
CHU campus map

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For long distance trips

( Highway busses )

Taipei CHU

     →Kuo Kuang Motor Transport

     →How Tai Motor Transport

Banqiao CHU

     →Kuo Kuang Motor Transport

     →ALOHA Motor Transport

Taichung CHU

     →Kuo Kuang Motor Transport

     →Taichung Motor Transport

For local trips only

( Hsinchu busses )

Hsinchu downtown CHU

     →Miaoli Motor Transport

     →Hsinchu Motor Transport